Wellie Races, The Sea, The Ditch, and Sundry Other Places Irish Music Ought Not Go

by Jonathan Ramsey

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This EP is the culmination of the "Going to Kansas City [Irish Fest] and Recording a Bunch of Songs 2012" project. Thank you to all my friends, family, and fans for your support!


released August 28, 2012

Jonathan Ramsey - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, Percussion




Jonathan Ramsey Saint Louis

Jonathan Ramsey performs melodic and percussive, brash and sweet, sometimes beautiful, often humorous, Irish-tinged songs. Energetic and animated, Jonathan is always in motion on-stage, delivering his brand of Irish folk and original songs and tunes.
His audiences expect a wild mix of songs of love, hope, and despair; ironic, folk-tinged covers; songs of plans gone painfully awry.
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Track Name: Nightmare No. 64
I awoke on a Sunday morning to a buzzing in my head
Couldn’t remember Saturday, and I now wished that I were dead
“Pleased to meet you, Mister Reilly”, said a voice beyond the door
What transpired from that moment is my Nightmare No 64

Rye-tiddly-di-do-di-diddly-aye-daily Nightmare No 64

A man came in and washed his hands, donned a gown, which in back he did tie
At that moment, did I realize, in a white tub I did lie
“Sir, what am I doing here?” is what I wished that I could say
But I found that I was frozen, I passed out as he came my way

Rye-tiddly-di-do-di-diddly-aye-daily Nightmare No 64

Awoke again screaming milia murther. I saw blood and stitches black,
Running down from my left side down to somewhere on my back
Someone come and rescue me, save me from this awful Hell
Call the gardaí, call me mother. I miss the home I love so well.

Rye-tiddly-di-do-di-diddly-aye-daily Nightmare No 64

Must have passed out once again; awoke again to the buzz in my head
But my brother was standing o’er me, laughing so hard his face was red
That whiskey was a truly strong one, you fell so hard upon the floor.
I lifted my shirt to show him what had happened, but... no blood. No stitches.
Just my Nightmare No 64

Rye-tiddly-di-do-di-diddly-aye-daily Nightmare No 64
Track Name: Wellie Races
Heard this old one say to that old one
Are you going to the Wellie Races
Sure enough in Weston town you won't see buckles or laces